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Get fast expert support to comply with California’s workplace violence prevention law

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California’s new law imposes administrative and training obligations on nearly every employer in the state.

TPOP has the expertise, products, and resources to help your organization meet the law’s requirements quickly and affordably.

Regardless of where you are in the process, our team can help with:
  1. Creation, review, or refinement of your workplace violence prevention master plan and/or site-specific plan versions.
  2. Creation, review, or refinement of your violence incident log.
  3. Access to customized employee training, including:
      • How to identify, prevent, and manage workplace violence
      • How to access the plan, the log, and report violence
      • Understand the hazards associated with their role
      • Learn about mitigation strategies
  4. Access a top-flight legal review of all aspects of your efforts

“TPOP’s experts provided us with a one-stop solution to SB 553 and an effective road map to compliance. Nothing about 553 is easy, but TPOP took the sting out of the process and the associated costs.”

VP Asset Protection, Major US Food Service Chain with 29 CA-based locations


SB-553 Requirement


Create a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP) and develop mechanisms for reporting incidents of violence and threats.

Our Solution

Our experienced team of plan writers will walk you through the process and help you craft a plan for your organization, or refine the one(s) you already have. We can provide oversight and guidance, writing assistance, or full plan development.

SB-553 Requirement


Train your employees on how to identify, prevent, and manage workplace violence, access your plan and log, and report incidents.

Our Solution

TPOP’s comprehensive 30-minute online training is customized to your industry and teaches situational awareness, de-escalation techniques, and the procedures outlined in your plan.

SB-553 Requirement


Review all of your compliance components for accuracy and alignment with the law.

Our Solution

Access a legal team with deep OSHA and 553 expertise who will provide clarity and recommended approaches to compliance.

Proven and Effective ONLINE Training

Hundreds of thousands of learners have used our training in commercial offices, food retail, food service, retail, utilities, healthcare, education, manufacturing, houses of worship and more.

Mitigate risk and empower employees in just 35 minutes.

Core Training

  • Understanding workplace violence types
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Situational awareness
  • Active shooter/assailant preparedness (Run, Hide, Fight)


  • Behavioral indicators
  • Response to injury
  • Responding to shoplifting
  • Interactions with the homeless
  • Robberies
  • Lockdowns

Aligned with SB-553 requirements.

  • Explains your company’s Workplace Violence Prevention Plan and how to obtain a copy.
  • Teaches company procedures for reporting workplace violence hazards and incidents.
  • Describes mitigation measures you have implemented.
  • Tells employees how to obtain assistance to prevent or respond to workplace violence.
  • Explains your violent incident log and how to obtain a copy.

Engaging interactive training, customized to your specific industry.

  • Instructional design principles to maximize engagement and retention.
  • Interactive videos, professional animations, no gore or scare tactics.
  • Adjusted for the learning level of your audience.
  • Multiple languages available.
  • Customized to your brand with images and videos of your team and locations.
  • Annual enhancements based on lessons learned and law enforcement best practices.
Easy roll-out to small or large groups.
  • Access the training via our cloud platform or install it on your own LMS.
  • Simple delivery to any size audience across any number of locations.
  • Documented compliance.

Approved by RLPSA, FMI, IAVM, NRF, AEGIS, and more.

Our partners recommend TPOP training to their own members and we work closely with them to adhere to their high standards.

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