Gary Sikorski

Gary Sikorski is recognized as a use-of-force and defensive tactics Subject Matter Expert by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (M.C.O.L.E.S.) and helped develop the current Use-of-Force and Defensive Tactics/Subject Control Training Objectives that are mandated at all regional police academies in the state of Michigan.

Gary served as the Deputy Police Chief for the Westland, Michigan Police Department in Metropolitan Detroit. During his 25-year career with the department, Gary served as a patrol officer, shift commander, bureau commander, tactical response unit – assistant team leader, unit commander, and incident commander. Gary also served as a primary department firearms and defensive tactics instructor, overseeing department training. He assisted in developing the department’s use-of-force policy, and specifically developed the non-lethal force policy governing the use of impact weapons, chemical sprays, and electronic control devices (TASER). In his capacity as Deputy Police Chief, Gary served as one of the final arbiters in determining compliance to department policy and procedures, and use-of-force standards.

Gary has served as the Primary Defensive Tactics Instructor at the Wayne County Regional Police Training Center (Schoolcraft College Police Academy) since 1989. To date, he has instructed defensive tactics, subject control, chemical aerosol sprays, mechanics of arrest, weapon retention, officer survival, and the use-of-force to 54 recruit classes and 9 reserve officer academy classes. Gary also spent 8 years (1987 to 1994) on staff at the Washtenaw Regional Police Academy, located in Ann Arbor Michigan. He instructed defensive tactics, chemical aerosol sprays, physical fitness, weapon retention, and officer survival to 15 recruit officer academy classes. Gary conducts in-service defensive tactics and instructor training for numerous police agencies, emergency medical personnel, security officers, school administrators, and public service employees.

Gary is a MASTER Chemical Aerosol Spray instructor, MASTER Taser instructor, defensive tactics and firearms instructor. He also has over 30 years experience as a civilian personal safety, active shooter response, self-defense, and combatives instructor. Gary is the founder and chief instructor at Reasonable Force Training. RFT conducts law enforcement and civilian training programs in the areas of defensive tactics, subject control, use-of-force, non-lethal weapons (chemical aerosol sprays, impact weapons, and electronic control devices), women and children’s self-defense, personal safety, active shooter response and countermeasures, workplace safety, weapon retention, and many other critical personal safety skills.

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