Barbara Martinez
Barbara Martinez is an accomplished FBI law enforcement professional with over 30 years of achievements in investigation and program management of national security matters and major crimes. An experienced leader with outstanding ability to coordinate among diverse parties, she is also a proficient writer in national policy and technical bulletins for bomb technicians.

As Assistant Section Chief, Counter IED, Critical Incident Response Group, Ms. Martinez led daily operations of the interagency Joint Program Office for Countering IEDs, including Departments of Justice, State, Defense, Homeland Security on behalf of the U.S. Attorney General. She partnered with National Security Council Staff and multiple federal agencies to develop and implement two US Policies for Countering IEDs to address global threats, oversaw expansion of Hazardous Devices School to train all public safety bomb technicians, and approved FBI bomb technician operations in counterterrorism and criminal investigations.

As Supervisory Special Agent for the Joint Terrorism Task force, Ms. Martinez led a multiagency team of law enforcement investigators and intelligence community experts in order to disrupt terrorist activities through investigations and proactive analysis of security trends.

She also served as Unit Chief for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Unit, where she oversaw the development of plans for military assistance to civilian authorities in event of nuclear attacks. She also developed guides for joint epidemiological investigations by public health and law enforcement, and led investigative teams during high-profile 9/11 and Anthrax investigations.

Active Shooter Response Training

Ms. Martinez leads the “Recognizing Gunfire” section of our active shooter preparedness training. Learn to determine the sound of gunfire and its direction. Keep your employees safe with active shooter response training. Call us today at (833)-723-3893 to get started.