Workplace violence is one of the most significant security threats in America. How can you and your employees increase readiness for both hostile customers and – the worst type of violence – an active shooter event? What steps can be taken to mitigate the risk to your staff and business? And if the unthinkable happens, are you prepared to manage the post-incident crisis of communications, employee care, and more?

The Power of Preparedness (TPOP) and FMI are hosting a series of short digital seminars detailing the essentials for workplace violence prevention and preparedness. This vital, 4-part series led by TPOP Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer William Flynn is based on TPOP’s comprehensive training for the food retail industry.

Throughout the series, Mr. Flynn will be joined by FMI staff and industry experts to offer further insight into these important topics as well as answer attendee questions.

Please use the links below to sign up for this special webinar event and discover how TPOP and FMI can help your organization prevent and prepare for workplace violence.

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Seminar #1: What Today’s Complex Threat Environment Means to US Businesses, including Food Retail

February 15, 2024, 2pm EST

A confluence of domestic and transnational threats is presenting an environment in 2024 that requires all businesses, including food retailers, to understand and mitigate security gaps and business liabilities in this complex risk ecosystem. Mr. Flynn will discuss threats facing food retailers going into 2024 along with recommendations and best practices that every business should consider to protect their people and assets.


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Seminar #2: Making Situational Awareness Part of Your Food Retail Corporate Culture

April 25, 2024, 2pm EST
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Learn valuable awareness skills necessary to enhance employee safety, improve decision-making skills, and reduce stress. Our expert panel will share their experiences and insights and respond to your questions.

Seminar #3: How De-escalation Techniques Can Reduce Violence in Your Food Retail Organization

June 27, 2024, 2pm EST
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We live in a time of significant societal stressors for customers and employees alike. Learn how de-escalation techniques are critical skills that don’t come naturally but – with training and practice – can defuse potentially violent situations. Our expert panel will share their experiences and insights and respond to your questions.

Seminar #4: Food Retailers: Are You Prepared for the Worst Type of Workplace Violence?

September 12, 2024, 2pm EST
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Some organizations view active shooter incidents as low probability threats. In actuality, incidents are on the rise, and with consequences so grave – the loss of lives along with massive financial impact and irreparable damage to your brand – every organization must be prepared. Our expert panel of industry and law enforcement professionals will discuss the value of having an emergency operations plan and the training necessary to mitigate the ramifications of an attack.

For more information about The Power of Preparedness online training for verbal de-escalation and active shooter preparedness, and the FMI member discount, visit thepowerofpreparedness.com/fmi

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