Rick McLatcher

Rick McLatcher has a 20-year proven track record in the public safety industry. Currently serving as the Officer in Charge and Team Leader of the Tactical Emergency Medical Support Team for the Detroit Police Department Metropolitan Division, his primary focus is operational tactical medicine, as well as the policy, training, and operational preparation and response for mass casualty terror and active assailant incidents.

He holds the Federal appointment of Security Specialist for the Department of Health and Human Service’s Michigan-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team.

Prior to entering the Law Enforcement and Federal Disaster Response communities, Mr. McLatcher spent 4 years as a full-time paramedic and volunteer Fire Fighter.

He is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including the Medal of Valor from the City of Detroit Police Department, the Invaluable Service Certificate of Appreciation, Civilian Life Saving Award from the Macomb County, Michigan, Sheriff’s Department, and the Resolution of Honorable Commemoration for MI-1 DMAT members, to name but a few.

He holds dozens of certifications and is an expert trainer in Active Shooter preparedness and life saving techniques.

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