Over the past decade, the rise in geopolitical tensions and surge in hate speech has created an environment that should alarm businesses and public institutions alike. Authorities are actively monitoring threats across the country, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in a highly volatile climate.

In one recent example, the FBI arrested a Florida man accused of posting threatening comments online “intended to convey the message that he was planning to conduct a racially or ethnically motivated mass casualty event.” Investigators noted that the individual posted “high score shall be defeated” and “2024 there shall be saints,” both nods to well-known white supremacist and accelerationist propaganda.

As defined by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, “accelerationism” involves a strategic orientation aimed at overthrowing the existing political and social order through violent means. Accelerationists leverage violence to induce civil disorder and amplify societal polarization, exacerbating the already fragile landscape.


A Widespread Threat

And the Florida arrest is among only the known incidents. According to the FBI, Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists—or REMVEs—are not only a pervasive threat, but they’re identified as a “critical threat” that was “elevated to the highest priority” in 2019.
At a threat level that the FBI views as equivalent to ISIS, REMVEs and their associated ideologies are among the biggest concerns to our daily safety and security—particularly at scale. As exemplified by the aims of the would-be assailant in Florida, inflicting as much damage as possible as quickly as possible is a chief goal of REMVEs. Retailers, churches, offices, polling sites, schools, events, and more are all in play – and in a year that could be particularly divisive in the United States, they won’t be short on motivation.

The Time To Prepare Is Now

Incidents like Florida and the continued threat as detailed by the FBI underscore the gravity of the situation and the need for proactive measures. Organizations of all sizes must be prepared to address and mitigate these threats with a preparedness plan that includes updated training, robust security protocols, and collaboration with law enforcement, all essential components of an effective strategy against domestic violent extremism.
Are you prepared?

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