Every holiday season can be mentally and emotionally stressful. This year also comes with new challenges, especially the war in the Middle East. We are witnessing global protests, including cities across the United States, that can be disruptive to businesses and potentially turn violent. There is also the constant stream of threats to include random violence, holiday scams, and 640 mass shootings to date. The shopping season is also a time of significant stressors for customers as well as employees and we encourage all organizations to review their emergency plans, including lockdown and active shooter response, and to train their front-line employees and managers in de-escalation techniques. Remaining vigilant will allow organizations to be flexible and adaptive to an evolving and dynamic threat environment.  

With expertise including Run-Hide-Fight, active shooter preparedness and response, situational awareness, de-escalation techniques, and more, The Power of Preparedness provides critical guidance that can save lives. Contact us to learn more.