The tragic shooting that unfolded just a few weeks ago in Lewiston, Maine serves as a stark reminder of the importance of both organizational and personal preparedness for active shooter scenarios. In these high-stakes situations, swift and informed action can mean the difference between life and death.

The principles of “Run, Hide, Fight” (RHF) have become crucial guidelines in responding to violent situations. But as witnessed in the late October incident that took the lives of 18 and wounded 13 others, these tenets are not as ubiquitous as we might believe. While some in Lewiston followed RHF training and either saved themselves or helped preserve the lives of others, many froze amidst the chaos.

The Urgent Need For Training

This most recent tragedy once again emphasizes the need for individuals to have a clear action plan in today’s risk environment. Most active shooter incidents are brief, reaching a conclusion in minutes. Having the knowledge on where to run to safety, the foresight to find a secure hiding place, or the mindset to know when to confront a threat can significantly improve one’s chances of survival in those critical moments.

“The body can’t go where the mind hasn’t been,” says TPOP Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer William Flynn. “That’s why training and building muscle memory is so important to enable people to act quickly and decisively when confronted with danger.”

Additionally, events such as Lewiston highlight the fact that individuals like the shooter, Robert Card, rarely snap. Instead, they often exhibit warning signs along a pathway to violence. Proper preparedness programs not only train organizations and citizens for response, but also offer essential guidance for identifying and reporting key behavioral indicators, and an emphasis on the role of awareness and early intervention.

The unsettling reality is that individuals like Card can be anywhere—including your own community—and the need for preparedness has never been more serious. By understanding the importance of “Run, Hide, Fight” everyone can ready themselves to better navigate and mitigate these tragic events.

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