Ridge Global, an international enterprise risk advisory company consultancy, and The Power of Preparedness (“TPOP”), an e-learning provider specializing in workplace violence prevention training courses, announced a partnership focused on bringing TPOP’s state-of-the-art  training to educational organizations across the nation.  

“We’re excited to make this breakthrough risk mitigation training available to every state in our great country,” commented Ridge Global Chairman and founder, Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania and first Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “With violence and shootings increasing throughout our nation’s schools, we’re overdue for an effective enterprise solution that any educational institution can support as part of their overall safety and security plan.”

The 50-minute TPOP course trains faculty and staff to recognize signs of potential violence before it unfolds, de-escalate interpersonal conflict when appropriate, or, in a worst case scenario, respond effectively to an active shooter attack.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to partner with Governor Ridge and the Ridge Global team on this important initiative,” commented Dan Stechow, TPOP President and CEO. “A superior online solution available 24/7 can not only compliment in-person training and drills but also be an invaluable onboarding tool, helping every school optimize its preparedness.”

While many schools provide some sort of active shooter training, studies indicate that the inconsistency in training as well as the potentially traumatizing effects of live drills on staff and students often fail to produce the best results.

“TPOP embraces and builds upon the Run, Hide, Fight protocol endorsed by the FBI, DHS, and local law enforcement agencies across the country,” commented  William Flynn, TPOP Chief Content Officer and former DHS Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection. “The best training is always straightforward, unambiguous, and quickly recalled when a crisis occurs.”

With expertise including Run-Hide-Fight, active shooter preparedness and response, situational awareness, de-escalation techniques, and more, The Power of Preparedness provides critical guidance that can save lives. Contact us to learn more.