With the increase of violence in the workplace and the growing threat of active shooter incidents, you need to be prepared.

Created in partnership with the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA), TPOP’s Active Shooter Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Guide can not only help your food service team prevent an incident but also get them more prepared for one than ever. This complimentary guide provides the food service industry with a comprehensive playbook for today’s risk environment and details how food service organizations can utilize TPOP’s best practices to develop a sound WPV emergency plan.

In addition to the guide, our food service partners can also take advantage of an easy-to-use checklist that can help any restaurant or food service establishment quickly and efficiently measure preparedness, identify needs, and document progress, including:

  • Pre-Incident Planning
  • Incident Actions
  • Post-Incident Recovery
  • First Aid Recommendations
  • Emergency Procedures

Get prepared and better protect your team with this free guide today—available for download at ThePowerofPreparedness.com/RLPSA.


With expertise including Run-Hide-Fight, situational awareness, active shooter training, conflict avoidance and verbal de-escalation, The Power of Preparedness provides critical guidance that can save lives. Contact us to learn more.