An active shooter’s goal is to kill as many people as possible in a short time period. Thus, these attackers often choose targets with reduced security and high density of people. Organizations that strive to be welcoming venues for the public – such as grocery stores have felt the brunt of recent attacks.

In 2021, three active shooter events in Colorado, New York, and Tennessee left 12 dead and 15 injured. On May 14, 2022, a supermarket in Buffalo, NY was the scene of another attack which left 10 shoppers dead. And just eight days later, an attacker murdered 19 children and a teacher in Uvalde, TX.

In response to these attacks, the Food Industry Association (FMI) hosted a seminar with TPOP co-founder and Former DHS official, Bill Flynn, to discuss preparedness and risk mitigation for the grocery industry.

Mr. Flynn and FMI VP of Industry Relations, Doug Baker, discussed the behavioral signals that are often missed before an attack, the importance of having an active shooter response plan, implementing active shooter preparedness training, and partnering with local law enforcement.

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