Do you want to prepare your staff for workplace violence, including the worst situations?

The worst-case scenario you can prepare for is an active shooter event taking place, you can’t run or hide, and you must fight to survive. Active shooter training can help your staff learn what to do in these situations and be able to execute if necessary.

Fighting should be your last resort and should only occur when you come face to face with the shooter. Your goal should be to incapacitate the shooter because even if you disarm them, they may have more weapons.

When should you attack?

The best time to attack is during a gun jam or reload, however this isn’t always possible. If your life is at stake, fight back. If a gun jam or reload does occur, it’s the perfect time to strike the shooter with decisive blows.

It’s best to find a weapon, but in the workplace, what can you use as a weapon?

Desk items that can slash | active shooter training
Anything that can stab or slash
  • Box cutters
  • Scissors
  • Pens or pencils
Anything that has weight and can be thrown
  • Laptop
  • Tools
  • Can of soda
  • Coffee mug
  • Stapler
  • Chair
Anything that scalds or blinds
  • Hot coffee
  • Pepper spray
  • Fire extinguisher
Create your own weapon
  • You can make a sock and weight club by placing a heavy object inside a sock and swinging it like a club. When swung repeatedly against the shooter’s head and neck, it can create devastating injuries.

How to Attack

Now that you have a weapon, how should you attack?

Turn the tables on the gunman by acting as aggressively as possible. Gunmen don’t expect resistance and will be thrown off. Yell as loud as you can – this can overwhelm the shooter and disrupt their ability to make decisions. If you have the time and people, you can plot a group or surprise attack to throw off the shooter further. This is when multiple people swarm the shooter from all angles, subverting the shooter’s expectations and outnumbering the shooter. Incapacitate the shooter and wait for police to arrive.

Prepare Your Staff for the Worst with Active Shooter Training

TPOP’s active shooter preparedness training teaches your employees how to recognize, manage, and survive an active shooter event. Topics include situational awareness, verbal de-escalation, the Run, Hide, Fight methodology, and more. Online training can be customized to feature an introduction from your leadership, place the training faculty in your location via green screen, and choose the length that fits your time requirements. Your staff can feel safer and more confident at work in less than an hour!

Let’s talk about preparedness for your industry today.