Have you been thinking about implementing active shooter training in your workplace?

Wondering if it’s really necessary?

Over the years, we’ve received new mandatory workforce training. In the 1990s, sexual harassment training began, then workforce diversity in the 2000s, and the rise of technology lead to cybersecurity training in the 2010s. What’s next? Active shooter and workplace violence training is becoming the fourth pillar of workforce compliance training.

Chart showing the types of compliance training, including active shooter online training

With each decade previous, the training people received may have appeared insignificant at the time. “Why learn about phishing links? We’ve never received one before.” We now know that cybersecurity training is essential. The same goes for active shooter preparedness training. Just because an active shooter event hasn’t happened to your company yet doesn’t mean that the training is unnecessary. It’s about adapting to the times. Active shooter events are becoming more common. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 652 mass shootings in 2021. This is the new normal and workplaces need to prepare for this threat.

It’s About Safety and Preparedness, but also Compliance

Active shooter events usually last 3-5 minutes, which means they’re over before police can arrive. While that time period may seem small, a lot can happen. Until police arrive you and your staff are on your own. You must know what to do to survive and be prepared to act quickly.

What good is active shooter training if your employees won’t remember it when they need it? TPOP’s active shooter online training is designed for comprehension and recall. The course is taught through short videos that contain small quizzes that ensure comprehension. Retaining the information of the training can be empowering to an employee. It builds their confidence, helps them feel more prepared, and makes the workplace feel more secure.

Active shooter and workplace violence training is also important for compliance. The OSHA General Duty Clause states workplaces must protect their employees against safety threats. Active shooter events are a real threat to your company. If something occurs at your workplace, and OSHA believes you could’ve taken steps to prevent or mitigate the threat, they could cite and fine you.

Protect Your Staff and Remain Compliant with Active Shooter Online Training

TPOP’s active shooter online training called “Think & Survive,” can be completed on any internet enabled device, anywhere, anytime. It also takes less than an hour to complete. You can customize the course by adding an introduction from leadership, use your location as the background for the videos, and modify the duration to meet time-on-task requirements.

Let’s discuss active shooter and workplace violence training for your company.