Are you experiencing increased turnover?

Wondering how you can stop it?

Two cooks in the kitchen smiling | Workplace violence eLearning

You’re not alone. According to an article from the Washington Post, 4.3 million American employees quit their jobs in August alone. Dubbed the Great Resignation, employees are leaving their jobs faster than the country has seen since the 1960s and 1970s.

Why? Service positions, such as in retail or hospitality, are becoming too difficult to bear. Post pandemic shoppers and diners are behaving more violently towards these employees, and the employees are not trained to deal with this violence, leading to stress and burnout. But what if your employees were thoroughly trained and felt confident in these interactions?

Prevent Turnover with Workplace Violence eLearning

Four pillars of employee training are:

1.     Sexual harassment prevention

2.     Diversity and sensitivity

3.     Cybersecurity

4.     Workplace violence

Current events show it isn’t enough to provide only the first three pillars. Your employees need more. Workplace violence training can help your employees feel more prepared, confident, and secure while working with difficult customers.

The Power of Preparedness (TPOP) provides workplace violence eLearning that can teach your employees to recognize the types of workplace violence, identify violent behaviors, use de-escalation techniques, and survive the worst form of workplace violence: an active shooter event.

Aggressive customers aren’t going away anytime soon. Decrease your turnover and increase employee preparedness with workplace violence eLearning. Contact TPOP today to discuss your company’s training needs.