Have you experienced workplace violence?

If so, were you prepared to deal with the situation?

Interested in becoming better prepared?

The first step to being more prepared to face workplace violence is to understand exactly what it is.

a man yelling at an employee with the heading "workplace violence is not always physical." Workplace violence preparedness

Workplace violence is described as violence or threats of violence against workers consisting of verbal threats and abuse, physical threats or attacks, and homicide that result in injury, property damage, fear, or work impediment.

Some examples of non-physical workplace violence:

  • Verbal threats — Examples of verbal threats are “watch your back,” or “I know where you live.”
  • Harassment — Can include unwanted attention or actions that persist, even after you have told the harassing person that their behavior makes you uncomfortable.
  • Intimidation — Examples of intimidation – when a coworker sabotages your work, interferes with your ability to work properly, or corners you.
  • Bullying — Can include spreading rumors, talking about coworkers in a negative way, pulling targeted pranks, cyberbullying, or giving undeserved criticism.
  • Stalking — Can be as simple as someone hanging around your workspace for no work-related reason, purposefully leaving the workplace at the same time as you, or following you home.

Some examples of physical workplace violence:

  • Physical threats — Pounding desks, slamming doors, throwing things, and similar actions are examples of physical threats of violence.
  • Attacks — Includes slapping, punching, kicking, pushing and homicide.
  • Active shooter events — The deadliest type of workplace violence. The assailant will usually aim to kill as many people as possible within a short time frame.

Workplace violence is not always between coworkers. It can occur between a worker and a customer, client, or patient, a worker and their spouse, or between an extremist and a group of people they target.

Learn the Realities of Workplace Violence with TPOP’s Workplace Violence Preparedness Training

Workplace violence affects workers, clients, customers, and visitors. Provide a safer environment for all with TPOP’s workplace violence preparedness training. This training will teach you and your staff about situational awareness, verbal de-escalation, response to injury, and more.

Don’t let the risk outweigh your preparedness. Believing that it won’t happen to you or your organization can significantly reduce your ability to prevent, manage, or survive a violent situation.

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